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ELSGExpeditionary Logistics Support Group
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ELSGE-Learning Strategy Group (UK)
ELSG754th Electronics System Group (replaces OSSG for Gunter AFB, AL)
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Figure 2 provides a summary of the interim enterprise supply chain management capabilities that the 754th ELSG has already developed, is currently developing, and those capabilities that are being evaluated for future development.
The following paragraphs summarize the interim GLSC supply chain management capabilities the 754th ELSG is providing.
The 754th ELSG first began to explore how SOA tools could be used to integrate data across disparate legacy logistics systems in 2004 through a proof of technology effort funded by AF/ILI.
In the fall of 2006, the Air Staff tasked the 754th ELSG to develop additional SOA-based supply chain management capabilities in support of GLSC capability requirements.
To ensure the timely and accurate communication of warfighter needs to supply sources, the 754th ELSG is developing a component to implement business rules for reconciling base and supplier requisition data.
The BTA has funded the 754th ELSG to develop the capability to transform selected inbound and outbound transactions as a first step in developing the capability for directly interfacing to data systems that use DLMS ASC X12 transactions.
As a result, the 754th ELSG was tasked by the 79th Air Force Materiel Management Board to develop a rough order of magnitude cost and schedule estimate for developing that capability.