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ELSIEElectronic Signalling and Indicating Equipment
ELSIEElectronic Letter Sorting and Indicator Equipment
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After his death Elsie spent a few years living with family in Bridlington before moving into Croftlands Care Home in Kirkburton a decade ago.
Between November of that year and May 2016 when she died, Elsie suffered a fracture to her right leg, sustained a bruise to the left-hand side of her forehead, another bruise to her head and a squint in her left eye and a lethal skull injury.
I need help now to prove my innocence as I can't do that from prison, and that is where I am hoping I can rely on the people that knew me and knew Elsie.
I am waiting for Elsie Slonim who indeed does arrive in a tiny red car, which she parks at the back of the restaurant.
The retired vicar said: "I never got the chance to meet Elsie but I feel like I knew her as my mum doted on her and kept her memory alive throughout her own lifetime.
Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years in prison for murdering Elsie just two weeks after formally adopting her.
Scully-Hicks had denied murdering Elsie but was found guilty by a jury after a four-week trial.
Medical staff suspected that Elsie was suffering from bronchiolitis - an inflammation of the bronchioles, and explained that she would need specialist care.
Police reopened the inquiry in 2005 after new TRUSSED UP Elsie, 70 DNA evidence emerged but 12 years later the case still remains unsolved.
This haunting story of revenge ends abruptly and the way Annie finally rids herself of Elsie is a bit anticlimactic, but the plot will pull fans of historical fiction and thrillers in for a quick page-turner.
Out of the blue, Elsie is notified that her mother, Rachel Robins, has died of cancer.
Elsie, however, is suffering from psoriasis vulgaris, a chronic auto-immune condition characterized by inflamed, reddish patches of skin which can be very itchy, and may even crack or bleed if left untreated.