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ELTEnglish Language Teaching
ELTEnglish Literature in Transition (journal)
ELTE-Learning and Teaching (education)
ELTEvery Little Thing (band; Beatle's song)
ELTEmergency Locator Transmitter
ELTEnglish Language Training
ELTExtremely Large Telescopes
ELTElizabethtown (Amtrak station code; Elizabethtown, PA)
ELTEmployment Law Training (various locations)
ELTEvent List Text
ELTExecutive Leadership Team
ELTElectronic Lien and Title (system)
ELTExternal Link
ELTEnvironmental Liability Transfer (St. Louis, MO)
ELTEntry Level Test (education; various locations)
ELTEuglobulin Lysis Time (blood test)
ELTEntry Level Training
ELTEconomic Limit Test
ELTEvacuation Liaison Team (US FEMA)
ELTEspace Langue Tokyo (French; Japanese language school)
ELTElectronic Light Table
ELTEngineering Laboratory Technician
ELTEnforcement of Laws and Treaties
ELTEntreprise Lyonnaise de Téléphonie (French telecommunications company)
ELTEndless Loop Tachycardia
ELTExcise Law Times (India)
ELTEngineering Lab Team
ELTElectrical Lifetime Test
ELTEnergy Let - Through
ELTEntrance-Level Training
ELTExtraction, Load, and Transfer
ELTExtended Limits Test
ELTExtended Leadership Meeting (Newlife Church; Toronto, ON, Canada)
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ELT increases efficiency by saving time and significantly reducing risks of fraud and error.
Since the FAA does not require operators to upgrade to the new standard, the practical impact of this action was to obsolete older ELTs and make it more difficult to find a downed aircraft lacking the 406 MHz technology.
ELT allows for an automated matching process based on the vehicle identification number.
Later versions enjoy an activation rate of 73 percent while the most-recent 406 ELT activates 81-83 percent of the time, again according to AOPA.
In a recent case at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah, a 35-year-old woman was successfully treated with ELT after she suffered varicose veins following four pregnancies.
While testing the (AmeriKing AK450) ELT on its annual certification, the unit's transmitting power initially was okay but within three minutes, transmitting power dropped well below specifications.
The four major instruments that will be installed on ELT are High Angular Resolution Monolithic Optical and Near-infrared Integral field spectrograph ((http://www.
Participants also had access to the latest ELT publications from participating international exhibitors such as Express Publishing, Macmillan and National Geographic Learning.
The main objectives of the conference were enhancing the quality of English teaching, assessment and evaluation, improving quality of teacher education and training, promoting learner autonomy, narrowing gap between teachers and researchers, providing a professional forum for sharing and networking, reviewing role of English in the changing world, keeping teachers and ELT practitioners abreast with the latest developments in ELT world.
Senior nurses at CMH were furious about the new role, particularly reporting lines, where the nursing budget would sit and the fact they would no longer have a clinical voice on the ELT, Chappell said.
ELT programs are gaining momentum because of globalization, urbanization, and the desire for better education and employment opportunities.