ELTISEnglish Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (est. 1972)
ELTISEuropean Local Transport Information Service
ELTISExtending the Lifetime of Information Systems (research project; Finland)
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While studying in ELTIS, you can freely add your own highlighting and annotations to a text.
The technology supporting ELTIS can be easy to use and almost invisible.
As ELTIS evolves, students and teachers, amateurs and professionals, will be able to collaborate meaningfully in original research projects conducted locally or spanning continents.
ELTIS will use computer simulation and modeling technology to correct faulty reasoning by making learners aware of what their mental models may be leaving out.
Already we can dimly see the possibilities ELTIS holds for making education more dynamic, modifiable, and much more under the learner's control than is possible with today's printed textbooks.
Many higher education institutions and vendors of educational media have projects under way that suggest how ELTIS may develop.
Perhaps ELTIS will incorporate a fantasy amplifier/imagination stimulator of the kind envisioned by imagineer Alan Kay at Disney.
Yet, however powerful its self-teaching tools become, ELTIS can only supplement, never replace, the human teacher-counselor-tutor-coach-guide.
But now, thanks to ELTIS, Kira's illness is actually helping to advance her education by motivating her to make the best use of the resources available to her.
For both Gustavo and Kira, access to a world of learning through ELTIS has been life altering.