ELTPEmergency Leave Transfer Program (US government)
ELTPEcological Land Type Phase
ELTPExtended Learning Time Program
ELTPEntry-Level Trainee Programmer (computer job position)
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With the establishment of the ELTP, OPM hopes to alleviate some of the stress for these Federal employees.
The number of corners sampled in each ELTP varied from 6 to 10.
Community density and quadratic mean diameter for trees in each ELTP were subsequenty calculated.
Distances between plots for each ELTP were obtained using dissimilarity values between overstory composition.
LTA delineation was made using ELTP maps produced by Zhalnin (2004).
Shannon's Diversity Index (SDI) and Shannon's Evenness Index (SEI) were used to describe ELTP and ELT diversity of the landscape.
i] is a proportion of landscape occupied by ELTP or ELT i, and m is a number of ELTPs or ELTs present in the landscape.
Given limited resources, it would generally be preferable for a country to establish a strong, intensive ELTP to train relatively few students to a high level of proficiency.
One of the most common causes of an ineffective ELTP is the lack of viable standards.
Instructor-made tests, which can play a valuable role in the training process, shouldn't be used to measure attainment of ELTP standards.
1994), this ELTP occurs mostly on aspects ranging clockwise from SE to NW.
Potential sites were rejected if Forest Service records showed that a site had a preharvest overstory composition that was atypical for the sampled ELTP, contained a large number of residual trees, or showed evidence of other types of disturbance, such as fire or grazing.