EMAAEuropean Masters in Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine
EMAAEast Missouri Action Agency, Inc. (est. 1965)
EMAAEuro-Mediterranean Association Agreement (est. 1998; EU)
EMAAExtensible Mobile Agent Architecture
EMAAEncapsulated Micron Aerosol Agents (fire supression technology)
EMAAEuropean Management Accountants Association eV (Bonn, Germany)
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EMAA has a variety of proprietary software that is used to produce a number of industry reports.
The EMAA awards distinguish excellence in 16 categories of airport operations and professionals from emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Russia and the CIS states.
3] and EMAA was prepared by a mechanical mixing process in which both powders were combined and tumbled continuously in a cylindrical plastic vessel to ensure a homogeneous mixture.
For the EMAA powder used in this study, with an average particle size of 140 [micro]m, the average weight of the mean-sized particle is 1.
The extent of diffusion will be lowered as the filler interacts with the cooler flattened polymer core containing the higher molecular weight EMAA.
In addition, the dielectric and mechanical relaxations associated with the glass transition temperature have been well documented for compression molded EMAA and their ionic salts (4-8).
Recent dielectric relaxation spectroscopy (DRS) and dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) studies confirm two different relaxations ([Beta][prime] and [Gamma]) for pressed EMAA copolymer films (7, 8).
The object of this paper is to determine whether the flame-spraying process affects the properties of the EMAA copolymer.
These properties are a consequence of the ionomer's unique morphology, which consists of a phase-segregated structure in which polar chain moieties cluster together to form labile crosslinks between the predominantly nonpolar EMAA chains.
The commercial production of EMAA ionomers is complicated by low frequency disturbances in the following chemical parameters: 1) EMAA copolymer molecular weight, 2) methacrylic acid content, 3) neutralizing agent concentration, 4) moisture content, and 5) residual (methacrylic acid) co-monomer content.