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EMATElement Matrix
EMATElectro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer
EMATEmergency Medical Assistance Team
EMATEmergency Management Association of Tennessee
EMATEthnic Minorities Achievement Team
EMATExternally Modulated and Amplified Transmitter
EMATEffluent Microtox Acute Toxicity
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Hutchins, "Ultrasonic Lamb wave tomography using scanned EMATs and wavelet processing," Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, vol.
One of the common problems of EMAT systems is to ensure a sufficient level of static magnetic field in the object of control.
Different techniques are used, for example lasers [1], [2], EMATs (Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducers) [3], electrostatic excitation methods [2].
Consistencia interna del EMAT en la version de 84 reactivos Grupo Factor Reactivos [sigma] [sigma] Cronbach Cronbach grupo "A" Host.
I found that using the MSs or EMAT to be the best personnel to train as back-up surveyors to the MDR.
The decrees on the introduction of compulsory national insurance and of EMAT together form the core of a future revised Disaster Law.
An EMAT, essentially a magnet with a coil, is placed about 1 millimeter from a conductive surface, and any surface movement induces an electric current in the coil.
The design of the EMAT sensor is centered on the capability to find and characterize cracks in welds and pipe walls, as well as being platform-independent, allowing integration with multiple piggable and unpiggable pipe inspection platforms.
Consistencia interna del EMAT en la version de 97 reactivos Grupo Factor Reactivos [alfa] [alfa] Cronbach Cronbach grupo "A" Viol.
UNIQUE APPROACH TO EMAT Earlier, it announced that it has completed its first inline inspection using a unique new approach to Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (Emat) technology.
Expert inspection technicians use this MFL and EMAT ultrasonic testing (UT) technology to examine the condition of the entire pipe wall.