EMDCEconomically More Developed Country
EMDCEast Midlands District Council (UK)
EMDCEuropean Management Development Centre
EMDCEl Muchacho del Croc
EMDCEuropean Mega Data Centre
EMDCEncyclopédie de la Musique et Dictionnaire du Conservatoire (French: Music Encyclopedia and Conservatory Dictionary)
EMDCEarth Mates Dialogue Center
EMDCExxonMobil Development Company (Texas)
EMDCEastern Maine Development Corporation
EMDCEmergency Medical Dispatch Centre (UK ambulance command and control facilities)
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Our goal is to provide financing through EMDC to develop high quality commercial screenplays for production.
Should a natural disaster or other crisis happen (as did the El Centro, California earthquake of April 2010), the EMDC ensures that essential building functions will be maintained and critical electronic records can be preserved--instantly addressing public safety concerns, and subsequently, business integrity and privacy matters.
The EMDC has garnered strong, nationwide interest from both the public and private sector for its variety of uses, and locally, for its potential economic impact through job creation.
By supporting IBM's family of data center solutions, such as EMDC, with our own UPI-based solutions that optimize the physical infrastructure, together we can make that vision a reality.
Providing up to 96 fiber and 48 copper connections in a single rack space, cassette-based QuickNet assemblies maximize the use of valuable EMDC real estate while allowing rapid, error-free installation to ensure the highest level of performance.
Paula Douglass served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of EMDC from EMDC's formation in 2007 until April 2010, when she was terminated by the Fund.
Also attending this morninga s presentation were President of the Milan Chamber of Commerce Carlo Sangalli, President of Promos Bruno Ermolli and President of the EMDC Giancarlo Aragona.
The higher revenue resulted from new contracts, the acquisition of EMDC in February 2008, and both expansion of services and price adjustments to several counties already customers of Conmed.
Prior to EMDC, Digiovanni served as president of Corinthian Colleges and was CEO of University of Phoenix Online.
The higher revenue resulted from the addition of new contracts with Jackson County, Oregon; Henrico County, Virginia; Kitsap County, Washington and Wicomico County, Maryland in 2007 plus the revenue generated from the contracts purchased from EMDC in February, 2008.
Neil) Duffin, executive vice president, EMDC, to succeed Mr.
The EMDC is staffed by City personnel, PlanGraphics, ESRI, and various volunteers and operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.