EMDDElectro-Muscular Disruption Device (stun gun)
EMDDEast Midlands Diamond Drilling (est. 1982; UK)
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The DuPont EMDD facility achieved a new safety milestone last month when it surpassed 3,300 days as an injury-free workplace.
Since the late 1990s, DuPont has expanded the EMDD facility's output by 300 percent, and plans to nearly double production capacity again within the next two years, as exports increase to MCM customers globally.
We believe the EMDD site is well-positioned to continue to expand as the market for thick film products grows in the coming years.
EGShares BBRC and EMDD ETFs represent alternatives to those broad benchmarks which typically reflect the most mature countries and sectors in emerging markets," said Marten Hoekstra, CEO of Emerging Global Advisors.
EMDD offers exposures to consumer staples, consumer discretionary, telecom, utilities and health care companies.
Also highlighting new 75-mm EMDD (electric motor direct drive) coextruder, the first North-American-built extruder with a gearless, permanent-magnet, synchronous torque motor (from Siemens).