EMDGExport Market Development Grants (Australia)
EMDGExpeditionary Medical Dental Group (US Air Force overseas medical unit, Iraq)
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forces' departure from JB Balad, the 332nd EMDG ensured the legacy of the AFTH, which served more than 35,000 people, was upheld.
That means eligible businesses can plan their exporting efforts in the knowledge that adequate funding for EMDG grants will be available to support them.
The Coalition is committed to ensuring Australian business can compete on a world scale by creating an economic environment that supports the growth of the private sector and facilitates further trade and export activity, and the EMDG program is an important function of this.
As for the EMDG scheme, Vaile says the Government has "full confidence in the value of the scheme to Australian exporters and in Austrade's administration of the scheme".
EMDG had been formed in 1980, and project definition had lasted from 1983-86.
Find the best sales & EPS growth, profit margins & more comparing HEB with PVLS, NHTC, PHLI, JCWW, WWLI & EMDG.
EMDG grants, administered by Austrade, encourage small and medium-sized firms to tackle global markets by reimbursing up to 50 per cent of eligible export promotion expenses.
EMDG recipients in the Geelong region last year included:
In the purview of Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933 and in the interest of full disclosure, we call the reader's attention to the fact that DCI was recently compensated by EMDG in the form of a $1,500 due diligence fee and DCI receives $250 per month for services provided.
It is modifying the EMDG scheme in order to contribute to that objective while still maintaining the Government s commitment to the scheme.
They will also align EMDG more closely with the greater emphasis being placed on East Asian and emerging and frontier markets by Austrade, which administers the scheme.