EMDMEuropean Medical Device Manufacturer (publication)
EMDMEuropean Maritime Data Management (est. 2007)
EMDMEuropean Master in Disaster Medicine (degree)
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Because of the benefits and training costs associated with a new hire, employers usually conduct background checks when they are seriously considering a candidate, says Dannette Evans, president of EMDM , Information Consultants in Marietta, Georgia.
W Stassen, BTech (EMC), MPhil EM; T Welzel, MB ChB, DipPEC (SA), HDipIntMed (SA), EMDM (Piedmont), MMedSc (Clin Epi) Division of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa Corresponding author: WStassen (stassen88@gmail.
Using EMDM along with the new spiral inductor design kit, customers can now compute the inductance and quality factor (Q) for spiral inductors, rapidly develop a custom library for their own requirements including proximity effects, and utilize them directly in circuit and system simulation.
P A D'Andrea, (1) MB ChB, DipPec (SA); D J van Hoving, (1) MB ChB, DipPec (SA), MMcd (Emerg Med), MSc Med Sci (Clin Epidemiol); D Wood, (2) MB BCh, BPharm, MPhil, FCEM (UK), DipPEC, DA; W P Smith, (3) MB ChB, EMDM, FCEM (SA)
To be discussed, what Enterprise Master Data Management (EMDM) is and how strategies built around the EMDM framework can benefit businesses.