EMEAPExecutives' Meeting of East Asia and Pacific Central Banks
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Discussion focused on the potential impact of global factors on EMEAP monetary policy, as well as recent supply-side developments in EMEAP economies.
The BOK plans to continue engaging in discussions on global regulatory issues taking place in the SSBs and various central bank communities (the CPMI, EMEAP, SEACEN, ASEAN+3, etc.
EMEAP is an organization of central banks and monetary authorities from Australia, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and reviews central bank policies and developments in foreign exchange, money and bond markets in the region.
For me, an important time was when we chaired the EMEAP Governors' meeting in Terrace Downs [on the edge of the Rakaia Gorge at the base of Mount Hutt] in May 2006.
In its first two years, EMEAP mainly sought to nurture relationships among member central banks and to exchange economic and financial information, including macroeconomic surveillance.
They observed that divergent economic conditions and monetary policies among major economies has exposed EMEAP jurisdictions to key vulnerabilities and volatilities.
Tetangco, who attended the Executives' Meeting of East Asia Pacific Central Banks, or EMEAP, last weekend, said other participants expressed optimism about the region's prospects.
26 The Reserve Bank hosts the EMEAP (Executives' Meeting of East Asia and Pacific Central Banks) governors, furthering moves to strengthen financial market regulation and operation, and regional cooperation in central banking.
A separate effort to spur regional bond markets' liquidity can be seen in the Asian Bond Fund efforts of EMEAE The first iteration of ABF involved the joint purchase by member central banks of a total of $1 billion worth of dollar-denominated sovereign debt in the emerging-market economies of EMEAP (i.
It will be the second fund established by the 11-member Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks (EMEAP) in a bid to foster local bond markets in the region, EMEAP said in a statement.
dollar-denominated bonds issued by Asian sovereign and quasi-sovereign issuers in EMEAP economies other than Japan, Australia and New Zealand, according to the EMEAP Group in its statement announcing the fund's launch.