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EMELEmpresa Pública de Mobilidade e Estacionamento de Lisboa (Portuguese: Lisbon Mobility and Parking Public Enterprise; Lisbon, Portugal)
EMELEmpresa Municipal de Estacionamento de Lisboa (Portugal)
EMELEast Midlands Environment Link (UK)
EMELEuropean and Middle Eastern Languages (academic class; University of Oxford; Oxford, England, UK)
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Glasgow-based Sasha's twoyear-old son Lucas Smith died from meningitis while Emel, from Virginia, US, has struggled since her 13-year-old daughter Reyhan was hit by a train.
Emel Solar combines its investment management and project financing competencies to develop and finance projects throughout the globe.
Emel added: "Although the numbers show some stagnation in terms of rental value in the West Midlands since this time last year, this isn't representative of the wider market sentiment.
The 27 class members include Taylor Atkin, Garrett Burris, Benjamin Cain, Caroline Cesar, Michaela Conner, Alex Derrick, Abby Dooley, Gabriella Downie, Miranda Draeger, David Emel, Paul Gordon, Lewis Harp, Autumn Heatley, Hailee Johnson, Johnathan Johnson, Jake LaCosse, Keenan LeRoy, McKenzie Loughead, Megan Lymath, Savannah Mast, Zackary Monsive, Dalaina Nash, Jared Osborne, Kaitlyn Osborne, Megan Peterson, Melanie Ramsey-Finney and Donald Ruud.
Emel Shoes are known around the world for their commitment to crafting market leading first shoes, shaped by a detailed understanding of foot development in infancy and uniquely handmade by professional artisans.
To be able to cooperate with the local community and successfully expand the EMEL Bus Service by adding two new bus routes, satisfies an additional need we have to protect the environment.
by Bryan Christiansen, Salih Yildiz, and Emel Yildiz.
Positive Pakistan,a non-profit organization,is organizing the event in collaboration with Common Wealth Youth Program, Riphah International University ,Institute of Policy Studies,World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Sports for Peace, Sadequain Art Society and Emel Online Magazine.
Emel Ahmet, an associate director in the firm's retail agency team, said: "Francesco Group were keen to find a central location to ensure its facilities were accessible to students.
Showcasing recent short and feature films by Tunisian artists, such as Mohamed Ali Nahdi, Majdi Msiri, Rafik Omrani, Fathi Saidi, Anis Lassoued, Ibrahim Letaief, and Hazem Birrabeh, the event's program will also include roundtable discussions with the directors, visual arts exhibitions, as well as live performances by artists Emel Mathlouthi, Mark Levine, Hamza Malouch, Yasser Jeradi, MC-Rai, and many other entertainers.
TCF Deputy Chairperson Esma Han said that they would like to thank Ambassador Babur Hizlan and his wife Emel Hizlan for hosting the concert aiming to contributing to education of students.