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EMENDEcosystem Management Emulating Natural Disturbance (Canada)
EMENDEgypt for Management and Engineering Development (est. 1998)
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According to IMS Health sales data for the 12 months ending August 2017, Emend Capsules, 40 mg, 80 mg and 125 mg, generated annual sales of approximately USD64.
Results also indicated that the product was better tolerated than EMEND IV, with significantly fewer adverse events reported with CINVANTI.
EMEND is a medicine which is meant to be utilized with other anti-emetics.
Yet modern editors almost unanimously emend to the 1605/6 quarto's idiosyncratic 'author'.
DOWN 1 Sleepless; 2 Occur; 3 Full house; 4 Fatigue; 5 Correct; 6 Irish; 7 Nocturnal; 8 Lurid; 14 Royalties; 16 Impromptu; 17 Red setter; 19 Subject; 20 Texture; 21 Based; 22 Opera; 24 Emend.
Occasionally an odd translation choice appears--generally when flange seems reticent to emend the text, even when he clearly acknowledges that it requires emendation.
The company asked to again emend the deadline for filing its disclosure statement, this time until Jan.
From the codes Tanzini teases out common and unifying characteristics that emerge from the records of the approvals of all statutory codes by the Florentine government, which also reserved the right to emend all such laws.
In their principles and procedures--thoroughly explained in the introduction (2006a: 87-92) and in Appendix 2 (510-22)--, Thompson and Taylor unhesitatingly state that they produce a conservative edition, that is, "one that keeps to the copy-text wherever possible to do so without involving a degree of ingenuity which renders the refusal to emend implausible" (510).