EMIATEuropean Myocardial Infarction Amiodarone Trial
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Total E2E transactions remains comparatively low, representing only 11 per cent of all the deals featured in the EMIAT.
While it remains to be seen whether we will see deal volumes at pre-crisis levels in the near future, the current EMIAT data suggests that there is still the appetite for the right deal, in the right market, at the right time.
Looking back over the five year period covered by the current EMIAT, 1022 E2D deals have been recorded, with Indian trade buyers accounting for largest share by far.
With Central & Eastern Europe newly Introduced Into the EMIAT, the region has Immediately established Itself as the emerging market destination of choice (996 D2E deals over five years); unsurprisingly so, considering the presence of so many of Its near neighbours In the bucket of developed markets.
KPMG said that with outbound deals now having outnumbered inbound deals for each of the last three six-month periods, India now seemed well set to become a net 'deal exporter' in the next EMIAT in 2009.
Becoming a net exporter of deals within the EMIAT - when it happens - is a credible enough achievement in its own right.
Commenting on this, Jeremy Butler, UK head of new and emerging markets at KPMG, who is based in Birmingham, said: "The EMIAT shows how China was the US' destination of choice for some time.