EMISEducation Management Information System
EMISEuropean Mathematical Information Service
EMISEnvironmental Management Information System
EMISEgton Medical Information Systems
EMISElectromagnetic Isotope Separation
EMISEmergency Management Information System
EMISEnergie en Milieu Informatiesysteem voor het Vlaamse Gewest (Belgium)
EMISEquipment Management Information System
EMISExecutive Management Information System(s)
EMISEuropean Medical Informatics Society
EMISEnforcement Management Information System
EMISEmployee Management Information System
EMiSExternal Message Interface System
EMISElectronic Management Infomation System
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Ohio's EMIS collects data on students, staff and finance.
Currently, the EMIS data to be used for determining excellence or deficiency are (1) achievement and ability test scores in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10, (2) ninth-grade proficiency test scores, (3) student and staff attendance rates and (4) student dropout rates.
It is the department's responsibility to take the lead in making EMIS and the excellent-deficient system work, and work correctly.
Almost all of Ohio's 611 school districts have completed connections to the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN), which offers services such as connections to the EMIS data and the following:
As part of its EMIS analysis, department staff identified 11 key problems for implementing the system, which follow.
The EMIS Guide is written in a way that is not usable to nontechnical people.
Several A-sites were incapable of meeting the demands of EMIS.
Require vendor software to meet guidelines of required EMIS reporting.