EMLREastern Mount Lofty Ranges (Australia)
EMLREgyptian Mathematical Leather Roll
EMLREntertainment and Media Law Reports (UK)
EMLREvoked Middle Latency Response
EMLRElectrically-Induced Middle Latency Response (head and neck surgery)
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The EMLR (grams per kilogram per day) was calculated as (Moisture1 - Moisture2)/(number of days between Moisture1 and Moisture2).
The EMLR data were unbalanced in that the numbers of replications and hybrids (genotypes) were not the same in all environments for both EM and MFM.
In Millar v Bassey [1994] EMLR 44, 62, Peter Gibson LJ emphasised the point in the context of the tort by stating:
As Peter Gibson LJ notes in Millar v Bassev [1994] EMLR 44, 64, one significant concern is that the expansion of the tort may undermine the rule of privity of contract: see discussion of this case in Stocznia Gdanska [2002] 2 All ER (Comm) 768, 803 (Rix LJ).
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