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EMOSEnvironmental Management Overview Strategy
EMOSEOS Mission Operations System
EMOSEarth Mean Orbital Speed
EMOSEast Mediterranean Optical System
EMOSEntry Military Occupational Specialty
EMOSErasable Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
EMOSEvangelical Ministries of Sylvania, Inc. (Georgia)
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Special pay package (lump sum) from Rs 150,000 to 250,000 would be given per month to the EMOs, he added.
He said that EMO service tractable at the audit and managerial level to record the booking and encashment of money orders.
Emo is a style of haircut," said Mariwan Salar, 16, who was wearing tight jeans and a tight black T-shirt, and sporting an emo haircut.
John Drake, an Iraq specialist for the British-based AKE security consulting firm, said Iraqi Emos are getting their hair cut so they aren't immediately identified, and therefore targeted, in the wake of the new threats.
Ao analisar rapidamente o nome de algumas tribos urbanas (punks, skinheads, goticos, rappers, white powers, clubbers, grunges, jovens de Cristo, metaleiros, rastafaris, cyber-hippies, cyber-manos, freaks, pos-punk, neo-hippies e emos, entre outros), verifica-se o uso de estilos musicais no sentido de posicionar o grupo.
and there's also chapters looking at what's going on inside their heads - inside Emo Kid's head, it's "Is that rain cloud following me?
The absence of a concrete identity, so infuriating to punks and worrisome to parents, is at the core of emo.
The hearing heard she was a fan of emo - short for emotional hardcore - culture and the music of "dark" groups like My Chemical Romance and Evanescence.
Pero ante la falta de una identidad propia, los emos retornaron la musica de otras agrupaciones juveniles, como los punk, y la transformaron en "musica emo", tomaron el negro para su ropa y la combinaron con algunos colores, copiaron los tatuajes de las matas salvatrucha, pero con simbolos distintos, crearon, en suma, su propia estetica y una forma de identidad juvenil, que a decir del investigador no es distinta de la de los tarzanes o pachucos de los anos cuarenta o las bandas que les sucedieron.
According to the Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution, from 2000 to 2002, charter schools rtm by education management organizations, or EMOs, such as Edison, made greater gains in student achievement than other charter schools.
The receiving of this grant represents the catalyst needed to start development of the EMOS project which will now go on to develop into a global commodity creating tremendous opportunities for employment and financial growth within the region.