EMOTEl Mikrocerrahi Ortopedi Travmatoloji (Turkish)
EMOTEuropean Management and Organizations in Transition (European Science Foundation)
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Some people wanted all the Emots filtered out of their Inflo.
Most of them are removed in the EMOT, some requiring general anaesthesia too.
We wish to thank Phillip Bonacich, Anna Grandori, Martin Kilduff, Ron Rice, Boas Shamir, all participants at the EMOT conference, and three anonymous reviewers.
A previous version of this paper was presented at the European Science Foundation EMOT workshop, Program IV in Como, October 1994.
2nd EMOT Workshop 'The Changing Boundaries of the Firm' Como, 21-23 October.
and its three anonymous reviewers, as well as to the participants at the 1996 EMOT workshops held in Barcelona and Turin and the 1997 EGOS Conference Theme 1 held in Budapest.
Previous versions of this paper were presented at the Final European Science Foundation EMOT Conference in Stresa - Italy, 11-14 September 1997 and at the EMOT Workshop 'The dynamics of industrial transformation in Mediterranean Europe', Turin, Italy, November 1996.
Paper presented at the EMOT workshop: 'Industrial Networks', Jouy-enJosas HEC (France), 2-3 February.
It also elaborates on various other papers presented in the four Conferences on networks organized within EMOT.
The EMOT (European Management and Organizations in Transition) research programme is aimed at analyzing new developments in business organization and management structures.
Paper presented at the EMOT workshop on 'The Institutionalization and Change of Managerial Practices: Knowledge, Agency and Organizational Learning.