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EMPDEnergy Management and Power Delivery (conference)
EMPDElectronic Materials and Processing Division (various organizations)
EMPDEl Monte Police Department (El Monte, CA)
EMPDEngineered Motor Products Division (Franklin Electric; Bluffton, IN)
EMPDExtracellular Membrane-Proximal Domain
EMPDEastmont Metropolitan Park District (est. 2004; East Wenatchee, WA)
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7 Helwig and Graham reported a frequency of visceral carcinoma associated with perianal EMPD in the range of almost 86%.
Perhaps the most controversial aspect of EMPD pertains to its pathogenesis.
Differential diagnosis of EMPD includes tinea corporis, erosive lichen planus, lupus vulgaris, Bowen's disease, mycosis fungoides, and squamous cell carcinoma.
Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of EMPD is conflicting.
To conclude, the key to diagnosis of EMPD is high degree of suspicion.
The histopathologic features of both primary and secondary forms of EMPD are similar, characterized by large, pale cells arranged singly or in clusters within the epidermis (Figure 12).
Hidradenoma papilliferum and EMPD were the most common benign and malignant adnexal neoplasms, respectively.
of Malignant; Age Range Type % of Total) (Median), y EMPD, all cases 49 (87.
In the EMPD approach, Equation (7) and (8) are solved by assuming that only a thin layer near the interior surface interacts with the indoor air (the so-called sorption-active layer or humidity buffer), see Figure 4.
p] of the sorption-active layer is related to the effective moisture penetration depth EMPD associated with the period of typical fluctuations in the vapor pressure at the wall surface (Cunningham, 2003, Hagentoft, 2001):
It can be shown that at the depth of three times EMPD, the moisture variation is less than 5% of the variation at the surface.
Figure 6 shows this by comparing the previous simulation results to calculations where the buffering layer thickness is taken double and half the value of the EMPD of the wall material.