EMPFElectronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
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After the meeting, EMPF initiated the official application procedure for investment from OPIC.
Relying on Poly Technologies' 30 years of accrued strength in international military trade and China-Africa Investment and Development's years of experience and hard-earned lessons in overseas investment, EMPF is well positioned to a great extent to avoid many of the overseas political risks.
The 4-day EMPF roadshow has received a positive response from American investors, who recognized the strong brand advantages of Poly Technologies, the China-Africa Investment Fund and the shareholders of China-Africa Investment and Development.
While reviewing these calls, EMPF staff consulted its Industrial Advisory Board, which encountered precisely this scenario during participation in the most quoted and thorough military-environment qualification study of Pb-free electronics solder joint reliability yet conducted: the JGPP study by NASA, the Joint Council on Aging Aircraft, and other defense industry leaders.
The EMPF Helpline staff investigated whether SAC 305-finished chips and BGAs could be soldered with SnPb solder.
The EMPF was established as a ROSA restoration technology Center of Excellence able to support both commercial industry and DoD depot repair facilities.
By following these basic DfM principles and instituting the reballing procedure developed at the EMPF, the customer was able to achieve a higher yield and higher volume manufacturing.
EMPF staff consulted one of its Industrial Advisory Board members, who encountered this scenario during a recent component qualification test sequence.
The EMPF operates as a National Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence, with funding coming from industry, academia and government.
It was not as simple as acquiring and installing a new solder pot, the EMPF found.
Technical Devices, a partner of the EMPF, developed a solution for Sn-induced erosion by coating solder pots with a titanium nitride finish.
The EMPF also performed extensive research on the performance of conformal coatings versus no-clean flux residue.