EMPGEducation Media and Publishing Group
EMPGEmergency Management Performance Grant
EMPGEuropean Mathematical Psychology Group (psychological research)
EMPGExperimental Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry (conference)
EMPGEdinburgh Mathematical Physics Group (Scotland, UK)
EMPGEmergency Management Planning Group (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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The EMPG was formely called Zamzama Property Group, which was created by the merger of Zameen.
Recipients of EMPG funding are required to provide a cost-share 50% match.
The Administration requests that EMPG and CCP be the only state and local programs funded using Section 1014 of the USA PATRIOT Act (P.
20) The distribution of funds from states to localities is at the discretion of each state's EMPG administering agency, typically the state emergency management agency or office.
EMPG funds are used for emergency management personnel costs, travel, training, supplies, and other routine expenditures for emergency management activities.
States may use the funds provided through the EMPG to structure their individual emergency management programs based on identified needs and priorities for strengthening emergency management capabilities.
Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, FY2003 EMPG Guidance to States, (Washington: 2003), p.
108-334), Congress directed DHS to allocate FY2005 funding for SHSGP, LETPP, EMPG, and CCP in the same manner as the FY2004 allocations.
States are required to pass through 100% of EMPG funding to designated state-level emergency management agencies.
Presently, EMPG is the only HSGP program that allows states and localities to use grant funding to pay the salaries of emergency managers.
In addition to EMPG providing funding for personnel, and the LETPP and UASI overtime cost funding, there are other options for providing assistance to states and localities with a homeland security personnel need.