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The estimations are carried out using both the EMPI of Eichengreen et al.
With a true EMPI, data is available electronically and serves as the master record for all the activity of a patient within the hospital.
To what extent do our EMPI measures of better management practice have a similar strong association with firm performance?
Organizations derive maximum Value from an EMPI when it is incorporated into front-end processes, such as patient registration.
With NextGate's EMPI, we are building a system that will overcome this challenge for all of our hospitals.
With an EMPI managing the correlation and resolution of patient data, the enterprise will continually improve the quality of its data, regardless of persistent data-entry errors or contaminated content from less-trustworthy sources.
And adding EMPI Advance to the full line of JAS Dynamic products ensures that Joint Active Systems continues to grow as the Range of Motion specialists.
Early adopters invested in EMPI technology to increase efficiency and accuracy across multiple systems and decrease duplicate records.