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What the plenary will vote on tomorrow is not an agreement, it is the position of the REGI committee," stated the Chair of the EMPL committeee, Pervenche Beres (S&D, France).
We are fully aware that the EMPL committee is completely opposed.
In this context, the EMPL report asks the EU executive to put in place the monitoring mechanisms needed to ensure that member states apply the social recommendations made in the framework of the European semester' and the national reform programmes.
The EMPL committee also stipulates that 50% of the Progress programme's employment component should be spent on fighting youth unemployment.
Three-way negotiations on the programme took place simultaneously with the EMPL committee vote.
Morin-Chartier, the shadow rapporteurs and the Chair of the EMPL commitee, Pervenche Beres (S&D, France), will now enter into negotiations with the Council.
In an oral question tabled with the resolution, EMPL MEPs ask the Commission to report back on the work, progress and achievements of the action teams sent to the eight member states hit hardest by youth unemployment.
Meeting the day before, the EMPL committee barely managed to agree on the timetable up until the final vote, which is expected to take place during the second plenary in May.
While presenting the Spanish EU Presidency's programme before the EMPL committee, on 27 January, Spain's Minister for Employment and Immigration Celestino Corbacho confirmed that a sectoral revision of the directive was on the cards.
At the EMPL committee meeting, the social partners' representatives agreed that the time made available for them to react to the Commission's consultation paper on the EU2020 strategy was way too short.
Beres said that her aim was for the composition of EMPL to reflect that of the whole assembly.
But members of the EMPL Committee note that in most of the 15 countries, violations of workers' fundamental rights are still commonplace.