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EMPOWEREmploying and Moving People off Welfare and Encouraging Responsibility (Arizona Department of Economic Security)
EMPOWEREnhancing and Making Programs and Outcomes Work to End Rape (US CDC)
EMPOWEREducation Means Protection of Women Engaged in Recreation (Thailand)
EMPOWEREnabling Methods of Planning and Organizing Within Everyone's Reach (CD-ROM)
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Therefore, in an effort to forge greater participation, it is my sheer commitment and other global partners to advocate alongside the long-term collective aspirations of Empower 54 in championing malnutrition extinction roadmap in Africa', he stated.
Empower will be taking over Providers' single branch and by January the larger Syracuse CU will have 20 offices.
the required utilization of the IWRP), which was designed to empower rehabilitation clients, when implemented systemically, had a disempowering effect on rehabilitation counselors.
Users can login to Empower ED[TM] and Empower Hospital + Office[TM] via their iPad and view Diagnostic Results, view Radiology Studies, write Orders, write Progress Notes, run Reports, and more.