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EMPTElectromagnetic Pulse Technology
EMPTEarly Mathematics Placement Testing (various locations)
EMPTEmergency Medical Technician: Paramedic
EMPTEt Musique pour Tous (French: And Music for All)
EMPTEuropeans for Medical Progress Trust (UK)
EMPTEquipment/Material Pick-Up/Transfer
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Among the 316 EMPT Passers, 236 (75%) passed the remedial course the first time they took the course.
Table 3 below illustrates the college algebra failure rates between those who did and did not pass the EMPT (Fisher's Exact p < 0.
It is interesting to see the highest disparity occurs between individuals who pass the EMPT and did/did not enroll in a remedial course.
Among those who enroll in college algebra and in terms of those eventually passing college algebra and moving on to other studies, 95% of those who pass the EMPT eventually pass college algebra while only 90% of those that fail the EMPT eventually pass college algebra.
It is important to note that the eventual pass rate of remedial math is the same between NC EMPT pass groups who eventually enroll in remedial math.
7%) individuals who didn't pass EMPT graduating versus 1771 (58.
This study indicates that those students that fail the NC EMPT seem to be more likely to perform poorly in college-level mathematics.
With the recent Great Recession of 2007-2008 and major educational budget cuts across the nation, the inexpensive NC EMPT Program provides an early forecast that helps students, parents, and teachers be better prepared.