EMQNEuropean Molecular Genetics Quality Network
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In European EQA programs, such as UKNEQAS, the CF European Network, and the EMQN, the participants are required to submit results in their usual clinical reporting format.
38) Each EMQN participant receives an individualized report with their scores and comments from the evaluators, including areas of their test report that need improvement.
The EMQN offers a methods-based scheme for Sanger sequencing.
In their respective reports, both EQUALseq (4) and EMQN (5) clearly demonstrate that there is room for improvement and that EQA is essential for assessing the quality of the molecular genetic tests being performed and the test reports being issued.
Laboratories registered for the scheme on-line, using the EMQN website (6), and were allocated a unique identification number to allow anonymization of their participation to all but the EQA scheme organizer.
Final report: EMQN pilot external quality assessment scheme for DNA sequencing (2003).
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: EQA, external quality assessment; EMQN, European Molecular Genetics Quality Network; QRL, Quality Read Length; QRO, Quality Read Overlap; and HGVS, Human Genome Variation Society.