EMRLEmbedded Raid Logic
EMRLEmbedded RAID Logic (on motherboards and controllers)
EMRLEnvironmental Modeling Research Laboratory (Brigham Young University)
EMRLExperimental Media Research Laboratory (Sacramento, CA)
EMRLEast Mississippi Regional Library
EMRLEquipment Master Requirements Listing
EMRLEngineering Manufacturing Readiness Level
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There is an ongoing effort by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Future Combat Systems (FCS) to establish EMRLs to assess the manufacturing process maturity of a design--similar to the way the technology readiness levels address the technology maturity of a design.
The following sections describe the four modules that apply directly to the work performed through the collaboration between FHWA and EMRL.
The Surface-Water Modeling System developed by EMRL in conjunction with FHWA and the Waterways Experiment Station takes a large, first step toward a comprehensive system for creating data files for use with state-of-the-art hydraulic models.