EMROEastern Mediterranean Regional Office (World Health Organization)
EMROEducational Media Reviews Online (Internet database)
EMROEuropean Media Research Organisations (est. 1960; Danikon, Switzerland)
EMROEffective Microorganisms Research Organization (various locations)
EMROElectromagnetic Radiation Operation(al)
EMROEmergency Management and Response Office
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Zafar Mirza from WHO EMRO stressed that Pakistan is the largest country in the EMRO region and that some health indicators are very disturbing.
Congratulating the Ministry and Departments of Health in producing the first ever National HRH strategic document, Dr Zafar Mirza from WHO EMRO stressed that Pakistan was the largest country in the EMRO region and that some health indicators were very disturbing.
Moreover in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan, where 34% of the EMRO population live, routine vaccination coverage for measles remains below 60% and measles deaths are estimated at 81,000 annually among children less than 5 years old2.
Hartlepool Council became the first licensing authority in the country to formally consider the adoption of an EMRO back in May 2013 but the plan was shelved due to the considered detrimental impact on local businesses.
Shortly afterward, the northern seaside resort of Blackpool proposed an EMRO and employed a prominent licensing solicitor, Philip Kolvin, to defend the measure.
EMRO makes sure the street cats live a perfect happy life until they find a warm, sweet house to live in.
He reckoned that Karachi serves as an amplifier in exporting Wild Poliovirus (WPV) nationally and globally and ending Polio in the metropolitan will end Polio not only in Pakistan but in all EMRO.
Members of the Regional Committee will review the annual report of EMRO Director Dr.
These gaps in the mental health scene in EMRO often reflects in hig- hly fragmented poorly coordinated and many a times unsafe delivery of mental health care civil and human rights abuses of mentally ill and minimal resource allocations for mental health amongst member states.
This made Pakistan the first country in EMRO region to achieve this landmark.
In the EMR states most of these workers are living in the Gulf countries, but not exclusively as all the countries of EMRO have internal or external migrant workers.
The effort is part of our cooperation with the WHO and EMRO based in Alexandria to tell people of the importance of vaccination.