EMRPEquity Market Risk Premium
EMRPEffective Monopole Radiated Power
EMRPEquivalent Monopole Radiated Power
EMRPEmerging Markets Regional Program
EMRPEmergency Multisector Recovery Program (Angola)
EMRPExtension Module Regional Processor
EMRPEuropean Metrology Research and Development Programme (EU funded programme)
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To be eligible for the EMRP option, the crime committed by the young person must be nonviolent and they cannot have been found guilty of a previous offense.
The EMRP typically uses diversion or healing circle where a youth must face members of the community and take responsibility for their actions against any possible victim of the crime.
The EMRP is expected to be financed jointly by the 22 participating member states (200 million) and through an expected Community contribution of 200 million.