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EMRSAEpidemic Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
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If the effect of radical control measures appears equivocal and/or the virulence of EMRSA is not sufficient to warrant them, alternatives should be implemented.
EMRSA then spread through the motorway network as patients were transferred from major trauma centres to district hospitals n Although MRSA cannot be seen by the naked eye, possible symptoms can include boils or abscesses, impetigo
using multilocus sequence typing (MLST) combined with staphylococcal chromosome cassette mec (SCCmec) typing, established that relatively few major EMRSA clones existed (5).
Table 1 shows the 7 EMRSA clones identified: ST22-MRSA-IV (EMRSA-15), ST239-MRSA-III (Aus-2 and Aus-3 EMRSA), ST8-MRSA-[IV.
6% of EMRSA were identified either as ST22-MRSA-IV (78.
EMRSA were multidrug resistant, and they became endemic in many large hospitals throughout Australia, with the exception of Western Australia (WA) (15).
A statewide screening and control policy was implemented in WA after an outbreak of EMRSA in a Perth hospital in 1982 (16).