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EMSAElectrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (molecular biology)
EMSAEuropean Maritime Safety Agency
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Authority (California)
EMSAEuropean Medical Students' Association
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Agency
EMSAElectrophoretic Gel Mobility Shift Assay
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Appropriation
EMSAExternal Measure of Student Achievement
EMSAElectro Mobility Shift Assay (molecular biology)
EMSAEuropean Marine STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data) Association
EMSAEgyptian Medical Students Association
EMSAEnvelope Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (Alexandria, VA)
EMSAElectron Microscope Society of America
EMSAEmergency Medicine Student Association
EMSAEagle Mountain Soccer Association
EMSAEmployment Movement of South Africa
EMSAEuropean Mormon Studies Association
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Alliance, Inc.
EMSASeaman Apprentice, Electrician's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
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The enhanced cooperation among EMSA, EFCA and Frontex will enable them to better support the activities of over 300 civilian and military authorities in the EU Member States responsible for carrying out coastguard functions in a wide range of areas such as maritime safety, security, search and rescue, border control, fisheries control, customs control, general law enforcement and environmental protection.
The EMSA contract will initially be for two years, but could be extended by a further two.
20 May 2016 - French domestic equipment maker Groupe SEB (PAR: SK) has signed an agreement to acquire German kitchen tools and accessories maker EMSA Co.
We are still exchanging reports, inspection findings and corrective actions of the Philippine government with the EMSA," he said, referring to the status of the audit exercise.
The EMSA audit team plans to arrive after the start of the new school year in September/October in order to monitor the delivery of maritime education by the country's higher education and training institutions, DFA said.
The powers of the EMSA, created in 2002(1)awere expanded in 2013(2) to enable it to take action in cases of oil pollution caused by offshore oil and gas installations.
Masifa Rashed Salem Rashed Al Mansoori as the winner of this months EMSA prize of AED 250,000.
The EMSA assessments are developed, scored and analysed by a third party provider.
Given today's economic climate, the compromise with the Council was not easy, since the states did not wish to commit additional financial resources to the EMSA.
This further supports our EMSA findings, that the MLL bcr is likely bordered by DNA-protein complexes.
The solution is powered by IPstudio, IPcelerate's session recording server, and allows EMSA to record, annotate and bookmark emergency medical calls in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
He drove with one of them in convoy to Bolton's business, EMSA Cars in Haydock Street, Newton-le-Willows, where they collected two bags of heroin.