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EMSAElectrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (molecular biology)
EMSAEuropean Maritime Safety Agency
EMSAEuropean Medical Students' Association
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Agency
EMSAElectrophoretic Gel Mobility Shift Assay
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Appropriation
EMSAElectro Mobility Shift Assay (molecular biology)
EMSAEuropean Marine STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data) Association
EMSAEgyptian Medical Students Association
EMSAElectron Microscope Society of America
EMSAEmergency Medicine Student Association
EMSAEagle Mountain Soccer Association
EMSAEmployment Movement of South Africa
EMSAEuropean Mormon Studies Association
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Alliance, Inc.
EMSASeaman Apprentice, Electrician's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
EMSAEnvelope Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (Alexandria, VA)
EMSAEmergency Medical Services Authority (California)
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EMSA Publishing's Fabulous First Lines Competition is $3.
Masifa Rashed Salem Rashed Al Mansoori as the winner of this months EMSA prize of AED 250,000.
Last year's EMSA results showed that public school students made remarkable improvement in Arabic, English, Mathematics and Science subject compared to previous years.
A planta industrial da EMSA esta situada ao sul do Estado da Bahia, no municipio de Maiquinique, onde a empresa beneficia minerio, gerando diversos tipos de grafite com teor de carbono de ate 99,97%, utilizados na industria siderurgica, na automotiva, em fundicoes, como lubrificante e para producao de refratarios, baterias, tintas, lapis, vernizes, borrachas e produtos quimicos (EXTRATIVA METAL QUIMICA, 2008).
A screening area and clinic were set up while EMSA was able to treat and transport those residents with critical needs.
The Coventry and Warwickshire riders will be leaving from the Griffin Inn, in Coventry Road, Nuneaton, at 11am and heading to north Warwickshire to meet up with the B5000SC group from Tamworth and riders from Midland Scooters and EMSA.
The solution is powered by IPstudio, IPcelerate's session recording server, and allows EMSA to record, annotate and bookmark emergency medical calls in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
He drove with one of them in convoy to Bolton's business, EMSA Cars in Haydock Street, Newton-le-Willows, where they collected two bags of heroin.
He drove with one of them in convoy to Bolton's business, EMSA Cars in Hay-dock Street, Newton-le-Willows, where they collected two bags of heroin.
Northwest Correctional Facility, EMSA Correctional Care, Inc.
AP-1 and ATF-2/CREB-1 DNA binding activities were performed using commercially available EMSA kits for the respective transcription factors (Nushift kits; Geneka Biotechnology, Montreal, Canada) according to the suppliers instructions.