EMTSEPA (Environmental Protection Association) Moderated Transaction System
EMTSEmerging Markets Telecommunications Services (telecom company, Nigeria)
EMTSEnvironmental Monitoring Testing Site
EMTSExposure Monitoring Test Site
EMTSEducational Media & Technologies Section (Medical Library Association)
EMTSElectronic Management Tracking System
EMTSElectrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Specification
EMTSEnvironmental Methods Testing Site (EPA)
EMTSEnhanced Maintenance Test Set
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EMTS complements TractManager's MD buyline solutions, and expands capabilities to optimise the full sourcing lifecycle of provider clients.
Supported by extensive historical data, timely research, and executive-level vendor relationships, EMTS has analysed more than USD 3.
Elaborating, he said EMTS (Associates) negotiated in good faith with the lenders and offered a debt-restructuring proposal.
EMTS (Associates) have met repeatedly with Nigerian authorities, including the telecommunications regulator, NCC, and the Central Bank of Nigeria, to keep them informed of the seriousness of the situation and the need for a restructuring of EMTS debt to return the company to the path of insolvency.
Massage therapy training professionals at EMTS can help you get started quickly along your path to becoming a massage therapist.
Adults considering a career change who seek improvement in their life find the flexibility provided at EMTS enables their ability to make the move toward achieving positive change and enjoying a fulfilling career with a flexible working schedule.
Lasse Kurkilahti, CEO of the Finnish electronics manufacturer Elcoteq Network Oyj, has reportedly denied rumours that Elcoteq was in negotiations with the Austrian communication technology company EMTS Technologies AG about the possible acquisition of the company.
As I was talking her through her contractions, helping her to moan low and guttural through the urges to push, heard the EMTS (both women) talking and yelling at her to not push.
The EMTS went from screaming at her not to push until they were ready to screaming at her to push when they were ready.
In contrast, paid EMTS hid their qualms, even when hopelessly confused.
Huawei Managed Services guarantees network availability, performance and quality of the EMTS, and improves end user experience.
According to EMTS Chairman, Hakeem Belo-Osagie, the loan represents a critical milestone in the growth of the company.