EMUTEnhanced Manpack UHF Terminal
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For example, Motorola and Cincinnati Electronics - losing bidders for the EMUT contract - have pushed forward with their own UHF DAMA offerings.
Collectively, operators onboard Essex and ashore at MCBH again demonstrated voice SATCOM using both the ship's SATCOM system -- the WSC-3 and OE-82 antenna -- as well as using the Marines' on-ship PRC-117F radio in the LFOC attached to the ship's CLSM EMUT antenna.
In keeping with the trend toward integrated systems, the EMUT will provide 30-to 400-MHz voice and data transmission via AM, FM, what Wilson termed "various digital modulation techniques" and demand assigned/muloutlined in the EMUT RFP; Magnavox is touting the dimensions of the terminal it will deliver.