EMVIEuropean Malaria Vaccine Initiative (now European Vaccine Initiative)
EMVIÉcole de Musique Vincent d'Indy (Outrement, Quebec, Canada music school)
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The most dramatic increases in completeness were demonstrated for TNM stage, LVI, EMVI, PNI, and regional deposits (all P < .
Following adoption of the synoptic report, there was also an increase in the detection rates of LVI, EMVI, and PNI (all P < .
GI pathologists had a higher reported detection rate of EMVI (18.
Narrative reports by GI pathologists were more complete for LVI and EMVI compared with those by nonspecialist pathologists, but once a synoptic report was adopted there were no longer any differences.
Gastrointestinal pathologists reported the presence of EMVI more frequently than non-GI pathologists in both the narrative and synoptic formats.
Cleaning Rd4 and Reinigingsdienst Maasland and the municipality of Maastricht wishes through this tender based on EMVI to receive bids for the benefit of 10 to 16 collection vehicles for a period of 4 years.