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EMACEmergency Management Assistance Compact
EMACEthernet Media Access Controller
EMACÉcole des Mines d'Albi Carmaux
EMACEmerging Media and Communications
EMACEthylene Methyl Acrylate
EMACEastern Mediterranean Activities Conference
EMACExamination for Master Addictions Counselors
EMACElectronic Media Arts & Communications (degree program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
EMACEngineering Maintenance and Control
eMacEducation Macintosh (Apple)
EMACExport Managers Association of California
EMACElectro-Mechanical Actuator Control
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With each EMAC request Nebraska receives, Governor Ricketts must evaluate requests received to determine if we have the capacity to support the requested response efforts.
EMAC will provide a natural choice for the shipping industry and associated industries to settle their disputes through specialized arbitration transaction.
Founded in 2004, EMaC is an outsourced provider and administrator of service plans for motor vehicles and is the only company solely focused on the provision of service plans for the retail motor industry in the UK and Eire.
Emac is a valuable complement that adds great importance to the authority's efforts to ensure a high-level of diversity in modernising and developing the Dubai maritime community since maritime arbitration is an essential component of the global maritime industry.
The new Emac device when combined with our LANmark and LANsense solutions works efficiently by providing intelligent information on power usage and cooling within the network or data centre environment," he added.
Part of the EMAC agreement calls for the requesting state to find shelter for its EMAC staff.
In fall 2005, EMAC published its first ever After-Action Report (AAR) following the 2004 hurricane season when four hurricanes struck the U.
EMAC also provides a system for facilitating interstate mutual aid in advance of or to supplement federal assistance.
The project began as a test site utilizing the eMAC technology at a Philadelphia area store.
EMAC is especially useful, because it settles two critical disaster response issues up front: liability from damage; and reimbursement for personnel and resources sent to the requesting state.
Says Beverly Puckett, managing director of IdeaSpring, the business development and product launch arm of M D Works, "We tested four or five polymers without success, before Eastman advised us on its Voridian EMAC resin, which was a phenomenal success.