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ENACEntidad Nacional de Acreditación (Spanish: Entity National Accreditation)
ENACEcole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile
ENACEnte Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile (Italy)
ENACEpithelial Sodium Channel
ENACEnvironnement Naturel, Architectural et Construit (School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Lausanne, Switzerland)
ENACEvery Nook and Cranny
ENACEmpresa Nacional de Almacenamiento y Comercialización (Spaish)
ENACEnvironmental Attribute Code
ENACEnron North America Corp. (Houston, TX)
ENACÉcole de l'Aviation Civile
ENACExpanded National Agency Check
ENACEnergetic Neutral Atom Camera
ENACEquipage Not equipped with Alarm Cutoff
ENACEarly Notification and Assistance Convention
ENACEngineering Network Administration Center (AT&T)
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ENAC announced on 14 May 2010 that it had fined Ryanair EUR3m for 178 alleged violations of EU261.
ENAC would then have three days to evaluate the response, but Fantozzi said: "If my report does not satisfy the authority, I will seek the suspension of the licence.
This is nothing more than the latest illegal attempt by (aviation authority) ENAC and the Italian government to limit the growth of low-cost carriers to protect Alitalia," said Mr O'Leary.
Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said the airline will launch legal action by the end of the week if Italian civil aviation agency ENAC denies take-off and landing slots for a route connecting Rome to Alghero on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.
An average of 300 new air traffic controllers are trained at the ENAC centre every year, and it is also the venue for a number of refresher courses for both national and foreign students.
MyAir suspended all operations following a decision by Italian civil aviation authority ENAC to revoke the LCC's AOC effective July 24.
The chairman of Italy's civil aviation authority ENAC has said that the struggling airline is currently flying with a temporary licence and this will be suspended if a new financial plan is not presented within three to four days.
ENAC dropped the noise allegations after airlines pointed out that state and military aircraft operated at night at the airport and requested an independent study into the claimed noise problem.
The civil aviation agency, ENAC, said the situation at Italian airports was going back to normal by yesterday.
Lufthansa rumour Meanwhile, Augusto Fantozzi, Alitalia's government-appointed administrator, who will also meet ENAC on Monday, said: "We will do all we can to keep Alitalia alive.
Alitalia lost the right to fly to Cagliari and Olbia in April because it applied for renewal after a deadline set by ENAC.