ENBDEnhanced Network Block Device
ENBDEndoscopic Nasal Bile Drainage (post-surgical catheter)
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ENBD didn't provide a quarterly breakdown in its first-half results filing, so Reuters calculated figures for the three months using previous financial statements.
The UAE CB has fine-tuned regulations with negligible impact on growth: The CB has fine-tuned clauses related to large exposure limit and the mortgage cap rules, softening their impact on the prospects for growth in lending activity in the UAE, with only ENBD and NBS currently in breach.
ENBD made my life very easy, and I have suggested lots of my friends and family member open an account with ENBD.
4 billion) which ENBD received from government in 2008 as part of a wide-ranging support for banks in the UAE during the global financial crisis.
3 per cent of gross loans, much below the level than ENBD which is around 15 per cent.
The total consideration to be offered by ENBD for 100pc of BNP Paribas Egypt under the transaction is $500 million.
Sarkar became retail banking head at ENBD in 2007 after the merger.
ENBD is one of two local banks that sit on a seven-member committee handling debt talks between Dubai World, the state conglomerate which is restructuring billions of debt, and the rest of its lenders.
Emirates NBD will only have one slot on the panel, the official said, having previously held two, one for National Bank of Dubai and Emirates Bank, which merged to form ENBD in 2007.
In recent years, EI has not repatriated dividends to its parent and Fitch believes that the bank can raise capital from ENBD if needed.
In addition to improved current and savings account (Casa) funding through a strong deposit base, ENBD has been diligent in raising Dh8.