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ENDESAEmpresa Nacional de Electricidad, S.A. (Spanish electric utility)
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Endesa was able to weather problems in Argentina and Brazil in early 2003 and, along with its majority owner Enersis, to significantly reduce US$1.
NEW YORK -- ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) France is to build a new wind farm called "Les Vents de Cernon".
Together with the wind farms in Florinas, Trapani and Vizzini, these new facilities will provide Endesa Europe with a 15% share of total installed wind-power capacity in Italy, and cover as much as 77% of its future "green certificate" needs in the Italian market.
The Board of Directors of Endesa has decided, in accordance with the provisions of article 30 bis of the Corporate Bylaws and article 20 bis of the General Meeting Regulations, that at this Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting, the following rules on the subject of long-distance voting and granting of proxy shall apply as from the date of publication of the pertinent meeting notice:
NEW YORK -- ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) announced today that its affiliate, ENDESA Europa, through its subsidiary SNET, has taken the first steps towards construction of two combined cycle gas turbines in France with an installed capacity of 400 MW each, by opening the tender offer period for choosing the contractor to build these plants.
These seven commitments, which guide the Company's sustainability strategy, deal with quality of service, the creation of value and profits, health, safety and the personal and professional development of the people who work at ENDESA, good corporate governance and ethical behavior, environmental protection, energy efficiency and the development of the communities where ENDESA operates.
Once these new installations are operational in 2009, ENDESA will have 35 CCGT plants compared to the current 21 with a total installed capacity of 11,433 MW.
NEW YORK -- ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) has received the "power company of the year" award at the eighth edition of the Platts Global Energy Awards, one of the most prestigious in the energy sector in the world.
ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) has signed a collaboration agreement with ISOFOTEoN, the producer of photovoltaic panels, with the aim of ensuring that ENDESA has access to the equipment required to develop the solar powered facilities that the Company plans to install between now and 2011.
In addition to the Ambon wind farm, ENDESA currently has another 10 MW wind farm under construction in France: the L[c]haucourt farm, situated in Picardy in the region of l'Aisne.
NEW YORK -- ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) has inaugurated Peru's first CCGT plant (installed capacity 492 MW; investment USD 135 million).
The consortium is 30%-owned by ENDESA, 40%-owned by EDP, 20%-owned by GENERG (a Portuguese wind farm developer) and 10%-owned by SONAE (Portugal's largest industrial conglomerate and ENDESA's partner in the development of around 60 MW of wind farms in Portugal) and additionally comprises ENERCON, the world technological leader in the development and production of wind turbines with factories in five countries.