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ENDOWEducating on the Nature and Dignity of Women (Denver, CO)
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Smartphone makers such as Samsung might forego the traditional approach to Edge smartphones and endow the edges with added functionality.
ING "Reliastar Life" ING Protector UL (07) Low Premium to Endow & Carry; Death Benefit Sales
To endow commercial crops with a novel trait, such as herbicide resistance or freeze tolerance, genetic engineers traditionally first find some other plant with the desired quality.
The Swedish Central Bank persuaded the Nobel Foundation in 1968 to let it endow the award.
Jefferson Pilot Life JPF Ensemble SL Low Premium to Endow & Carry; High Cash Value; Maximum Retirement Income; Rolling Target
Professorship Endowed: The Joy McCann Foundation donated $500,000 to Stetson University to endow the Wm.
The Foundation, during the ASAE Annual International Meeting, determined that efforts must be made to endow all award funds for the purpose of stabilizing the program.
Jerry Yang, 28, and David Filo, 30, are the youngest individuals to endow a chair in the school's recorded history.