ENEFEscuela Normal de Educación Física (Spanish: Physical Education School for Teachers)
ENEFElizabeth Nuffield Educational Fund (London, UK)
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The ENEF financial education project is an exception as it clearly indicates that it aims at developing proactive financial education that should result, among other things, in improvements in behavior and attitudes.
In the ENEF financial education project in Brazil, parents were randomly assigned to a financial education workshop or a health education workshop.
Remarkably, the ENEF financial education project reported "trickle-up" effects of the program on parents.
ENEF works in synergy with the other pillars of WB EDIF, which are: (a) the Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF) for innovative companies from the start-up phase to the expansion of their development; (b) the Guarantee Facility, which provides guarantees and counter guarantees to financial intermediaries in the region; and (c) the Technical Assistance Facility to support governments of beneficiary economies in implementing policy reforms supporting the growth of SMEs.
Together with the recently signed agreements under the Guarantee Facility and the forthcoming launch of ENIF, this signature of ENEF marks another milestone in the advancement of the WB EDIF platform, which is the single largest private development project in the Western Balkans to promote SME growth and innovation.