ENFIElectronic Networks for Interaction
ENFIEnglish Natural Form Instruction (Gallaudet University; Washington, DC)
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ENFI, which stands for China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute, is rooted in the country's former system of government managed research institutes, a setup adopted from the Soviet Union.
Together, enterprises like ENFI and BGRIMM command tremendous resources and size.
At Evergreen, as with ENFI, experienced colleagues would quickly reply, "Don't be so hard on yourself.
So now in 1987, as I listen to the ENFI faculty talk excitedly about "how to channel the energy," I realize this conversation is like, and unlike, those at Evergreen.
Second, notice that the ENFI discussion produced more than just concrete responses for the classroom (e.
Martha Kanter, under secretary of education, recently likened the ENFI students' empowerment to "experiments" performed by students of B.
So there are at least three possible causes of the ENFI disruption: empowerment leading to anarchy; irritability caused by the mechanics real-time discussion; and empowerment leading to student attempts to manipulate the professor.
Species flammability values used were those established by ENFI (National School of Forestry Engineers) (Figure 4).
The physical and chemical fuel characteristics used in this study are those established by ENFI and CEMAGREF.