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ENGOEnvironmental Non-Governmental Organization
ENGOEngineering Officer (Royal Australian Air Force)
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This is part of my effort to be unique; the full meaning of ENGO is Entertainment Gospellar.
Environmental groups have experienced the strongest growth of all in recent years," said Wu Yiqun, founder of the ENGO Eternal Green.
ENGOs frequently target offshore oil and gas operations and use minor incidents as justification for why the offshore energy industry should be stopped entirely.
5 campaign offers a recent example of citizen and ENGO collaboration that employs scientific measurement to raise open awareness (Xu, 2014).
Varentec, a company involved in next-generation distributed Volt/VAR control and grid edge management solutions for electric utility distribution systems, has chosen Flex to develop the Varentec ENGO devices for sale to utilities in United States and global markets.
The success of the Beijing-based ENGO "Friends of Nature," for instance, is closely associated with its founder Congjie Liang and his personal connections with Beijing's local government and academic communities (Zhang & Barr, 2013).
The book showcases the influence of Pollution Probe on an astonishing number of significant events in Canadian history, however, while the book does an excellent job of situating the influence of the ENGO, some episodes, such as the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry are passed over with too much haste.
Sorry, but just as big a blind spot exists when that very ENGO simply forgot about climate change, even though GHGs are co-pollutants with all the other air-borne toxins, transported over very long distances, wreaking enormous damage.
Dressing the problems up as something they are not has become a strategic marketing exercise for ENGOs, undertaken to avoid scarring those living comfortable material lifestyles who have been numbed into a conformist existence of denial in which their donations buy penitence.
As Page (2010) has documented, one such example occurred on the central coast of British Columbia where ENGOs were able to bring about the protection of a large (vast) area of old-growth forest that they christened "The Great Spirit Bear Rainforest.
For this study I have used statements, reports, and briefings published by the advocacy coalition members or groups, as well as conversations with ENGO employees and climate-change scientists, to determine beliefs.
As noted by an ENGO working group member, the general feeling was that