ENIN4Energy Invest NV (stock symbol; Belgium)
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The results of operation of UTT-500 and the positive results of release testing of the different fractions of shale oil obtained in this unit laid down the foundations for ENIN specialists to begin work on developing the plant of type UTT-3000 with a capacity of 3300 t of oil shale a day.
Under the scientific leadership of ENIN, the design organizations of Leningrad developed the projects of UTT-3000 and a power engineering complex at the site of the Estonian Thermal Power Plant (TPP).
On an initiative of the ENIN administration a program of updating UTT-3000 units was prepared.
Again, on an initiative of the ENIN administration a special committee was created for assessment of the environmental impact of functioning UTT-3000.
Therefore ENIN, with the attraction of specialized organizations, studied possibilities of utilizing the shale ash.
Krzhizhanovsky ENIN received, during the development of the technology of oil shale processing by means of the solid heat carrier, more than 60 patents and certificates of recognition, eight of them were patented in 12 foreign countries.
Flowing groundwater sustains steady gully incision and consequently additional supply of groundwater (Aboltins & Enins 1979).
Intensive drainage of ice-dammed lakes and formation of proglacial spillways were common for Belling and Older Dryas time in Latvia when main slope-forming processes could take place in the Gauja River valley (Aboltins & Enins 1979; Venska 1982).