ENLPEuropean Nutrition Leadership Program (est. 1994)
ENLPEffective Number of Legislative Parties
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It is, however, noteworthy that out of these fifteen provinces, twelve had the lowest ENLP in 1999 and all of them had the highest in 2009.
A closer look at individual districts reveals that there was only one municipality where the ANLP was not the highest in 2009 (Tomohon) and only three districts where the ENLP in 2009 was lower than in previous years (Kepulauan Talaud, Kolaka North, and Buru).
2 legislative parties (ENLP) Table 2 Party System Fragmentation in Indonesia, Provincial Level # New Province Year of Parties in Election ANLP ENLP Legislature Aceh 2004 9 6.
Sin embargo la ENLP revela una vision mas bien ortodoxa del proyecto modernizador.
En este ultimo caso y aun para la interpretacion equivalente del buen vivir con el sumak kawsay, la ENLP podria plantear practicas contradictorias.