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ENMEcological Niche Modeling
ENMÉcole Nationale de la Magistrature (French)
ENMEthernet Network Module
ENMExtension Network Module
ENMEnsemble Neue Musik (German music ensemble)
ENMÉcole Nationale de Musique (French: National School of Music)
ENMÉcole Nationale de la Météorologie (French: National School of Meteorology)
ENMEPLRS (Enhanced Position Location Reporting System) Network Manager
ENMÉcole Normale de Musique de Paris
ENMEnterprise Network Management
ENMExtended Network Manager (Harris Corp.)
ENMEmergency Notification Message
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It is developing a safety classification for ENM based on their interactions with living organisms.
ENM will provide a comprehensive TMIR (Television Monitoring Intelligence Report) that highlights the visibility on numerous television networks.
A particular strength of ENM is its independence from any particular landscape.
In recent years, the ENM approach has seen several prototype applications to disease transmission systems by public health and epidemiology specialists who have been willing to explore novel ideas and approaches.
ENM encompasses a suite of tools that relate known occurrences of these species or phenomena to raster geographic information system layers that summarize variation in several environmental dimensions.
The ENM is a set of custom software utilities ported on a commercial toughbook used to plan, initialize and manage an EPLRS network.
To perform the ENM-Monitor and TIM/ENM-Monitor functions, the ENM operator will log on with privileges for the Monitor ENM capability.
The ENM operator is located in the ENM vehicle and is responsible for management of the EPLRS network.
These courses, which kicked off in late September 2002, included the ENM operator's course, ENM monitor's course, EPLRS system-planner's course and the radio set operator's course.
During the test period, a one-week logistics demonstration was also conducted on the ENM configuration.