ENPOEgyptian National Post Organization
ENPOEnvironment Powered Recycling (Palm Desert, CA)
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It would not be wrong to say that the Government of India's role is nothing but a divide and rule policy to prolong the Naga issue," Nuklutoshi said and further asserted that the Government of India should come up with a clear-cut policy in respect of the ENPO demand so that they would no longer live in a "false promises.
ENPO is also negotiating with a number of money transfer companies in order to contract with one of them to transfer the post's money between its offices, instead of the organisation's vehicles, which have faced several robberies and armed robberies over the past period.
Earlier, ENPO announced the beginning of developing 100 post offices of a total of 412 offices.
There are also some talks doing the round like Tenyide factor, ENPO factor, etc.
Veteran Congress leader and former Nagaland Chief Minister and ex-Governor of Maharashtra and Goa Dr SC Jamir, who did not contest this election, assured a separate Secretariat for the ENPO area if the Congress is voted to power.
The AICC Vice President came to Mon and then later to Tuensang on Thursday and addressed election rallies there for the Congress candidates in the ENPO areas in particular and State in general.
11 -- Senior DAN Minister and NPF candidate of 42 Wakching Assembly Constituency MC Konyak said the proposed visit to ENPO areas by the so-called high profile Congress leaders from Delhi would not have any impact whatsoever on the ENPO areas.
I tried my best to unite the Nagas as a PAC Chairman but all have been shattered because various tribal blocs came up--viz Tenemiya, Central Naga Tribal Council (CNTC), ENPO, etc.
It is also reported that Rio was given in-charge of ENPO areas with regard to the coming elections.
Kohima, May 19 -- Senior ruling NPF functionary from Longlen has described the demand of the ENPO for a separate "Frontier Nagaland State" as "genuine.
Kohima, April 4 -- Congress leader from Mon District N Yona Konyak said the issue concerning the areas of the ENPO that culminated to the demand of a separate "Frontier Nagaland State" was very much genuine.
The Home Secretary, however, admitted that the Government of India had received the memorandum from the ENPO demanding for a separate statehood as "Frontier Nagaland" by carving out four districts--Tuensang, Mon, Longleng and Kiphire.