ENSREuropean Network for SME Research
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From the data, ENSR will construct air quality models that quantify the potential benefits of using NOx control technology on a local and regional level.
A spokesperson for ENSR said that reliability and timely sharing of information is critical for the company's consultancy role, and AT&T is delivering the technology it needs to streamline its communications.
The paper said Nissley further argued that if the report is still in the draft stage, as the township contends, then Penn-Mar should not have received advanced copies, a move Conoy supervisors chairman Stephen Mohr maintained was made to encourage Penn-Mar to share missing information with ENSR.
This new technology has enormous potential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clean-up efforts for water bodies," says ENSR water resource manager Kenneth Wagner.
and Sean Philips of ENSR International were named "Atofina All-Stars" at the 2004 Atofina Petrochemicals remediation conference held in Durango, CO.
ENSR (various years), The European Observatory for SMEs, Reports, Brussels, ENSR.
CAMARILLO - ENSR International, a worldwide environmental consulting firm, has won a contract to supervise the clean up of 275 Unocal Corp.
Its reactivity has another benefit: "Because it reacts rapidly with materials in the water, ozone tends to break down," says William Stubblefield of ENSR International in Fort Collins, Colo.
Air Quality Programs Facing Winds of Change," ENSR Insight, Vol.
ENSR International has developed a customized environmental, health and safety (EH&S) tool to evaluate corporate risk and improve remediation and compliance efforts.
For an overview, see OECD (1994), Employment Outlook and ENSR (1995).