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ENTAEuropean Nanotechnology Trade Alliance
ENTAEesti Noorte Teadlaste Akadeemia (Estonian: Estonian Academy for Young Scientists; est. 2005)
ENTAEmployment Needs Training Agency (Birmingham, UK)
ENTAEuro Nano Trade Alliance (nanotechnology)
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During a physician examination, ENTA doctors can utilize a quick, accurate and painless test to identify if a spot is in fact, precancerous.
We do everything possible to enhance our patients' experiences in our offices, and Intuit Health's ability to now enable us to download patient history forms directly into our EMR system is a major improvement," said Bob Glazer, chief executive officer of ENTA.
ENTA is a voluntary sector, not-forprofit organisation working across Birmingham to provide learning opportunities, training courses, information, advice and guidance to help people think about and prepare for paid employment.
One is Crash IT, an organisation which employs people with special needs and trains and prepares them for the workplace, and ENTA, which provides vocational training for 14 to 16-year-olds who have a requirement for skills not available in mainstream education.
The ENTA / Mount Sinai partnership, formed over three years ago, was built on the premise of providing and delivering quality access to care.