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ENTECEuro NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Training Engineer Centre (Munich, Germany)
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1] soil was applied as conventional urea, which exceeded abundance when applied as ENTEC urea (-4.
The use of ENTEC urea did not affect grain yield at any fertiliser N concentration compared with the urea-only treatment (Fig.
4] concentrations were higher when ENTEC urea was applied relative to conventional urea (Fig.
001), with concentrations in ENTEC urea-treated plots being higher than in conventional urea plots (Fig.
1] was applied as conventional urea rather than as ENTEC urea (Fig.
In both the Wongan Hills experiments, ENTEC urea did not inhibit AOB population increases.
3) in that the abundance of AOB was suppressed by ENTEC urea application.
1], which was considerably higher than the abundance in ENTEC urea-treated plots (~5.
In all experiments, AOA abundance varied over time, but the application of different concentrations of N as cither traditional or ENTEC urea had little or no effect on AOA abundance (data not shown).
The ENTEC staff introduces officers to common interoperability problems and how to overcome them.
The ENTEC staff supports NATO exercises around Europe.
ENTEC offers a unique opportunity to learn about international engineer interoperability and to make contacts and friends in the international community.